Ice Fling
Ice Fling
Vital statistics
Class Wizard
Type Water
Talisman Blade
Inherent Improve Ice Fling
water element concrete into ice, agglomerate on the sword, cause target X points damage, and froze target 5 seconds

This skill will freeze the target in place for a short period of time. It's useful against melee enemies as you can get a few extra attacks off before they reach you,the enemy can still attack however,so against ranged enemies this skill may not be very useful.


Level Mana Distance Preparing Time Extra damage Damage Cooldown
5 5 300 Instant x 100% 18-19 30 s
6 6 300 Instant x 100% 21-24 30 s
7 6 300 Instant x 100% 22-25 30 s

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