Hunting the Brigand Head
Hunting the Brigand Head map
Vital statistics
Giver Bulletin Board
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Mounted Brigand Head
Cavalry Bandit Badge
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1520 Experience
760 Energy
4 Silver 80 Coin
Next: Defeated Mounted Brigands

The villagers heard that the Mounted Brigands were attacked by a mysterious man for several times, and many of them get injured or died. Their head is very angry and swore that he would kill all the villagers to revenge for his dead brothers. The battle with them can't be avoided...

Bulletin Board

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Head of the Mounted Brigands is ashamed into anger, and plan to come back again. The Mounted Brigands group will be collapsed totally if the Head is beaten down.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful! The Head of the Mounted Brigands is up to all dodges.


Travel to the Cavalry Bandit's Lair and kill the Mounted Brigand Head. Collect his Cavalry Bandit Badge and return it to the Sand Village Head.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Sand Village Head:

We all worried that you wouldn't come back... Faugh! Why did I say those unlucky words?

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