Hunting map
Vital statistics
Giver Planted Agent for Mounted Brigand
Type Primary
Requirements Kill War Wolf *12
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1080 Experience
540 Energy
3 Silver 24 Coin
Previous: The Brigand's Battle horses
Next: Mounted Brigand in Desert

The Mounted Brigands like raising some war wolves to capture their enemies. The wolves are very brutal. They will rush at a person and eat him as soon as they see him. You must perish those war wolves before you get close to their camp. It's very dangerous. You must have a clean consideration.

Planted Agent for Mounted Brigand

Quest DescriptionEdit

Undertake the quest from Planted Agent in the Mountain Brigands, to kill the war wolves raised by the Mounted Brigand.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Don't let the war wolves see you first.

Ask DialogueEdit

You can sneak attack them from their back. That will be safer.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You are so strong that those war wolves can't fight with you.

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