Horrible Intrigue
Vital statistics
Giver Stonemason Duan
Type Primary
Location Thunder Ridge
Rewards 2200 Experience
1100 Energy
3 Silver 30 Coin
Previous: Supernatural Events
Next: Apprentice Redcloud

This chip looks familiar! Oh, it's Light Charm!! No! It was Sir Black Dragon who taught us to carve and gave us this charms. There must be one big intrigue! Please take this chip to him now.

Stonemason Duan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Ask Sir Black Dragon about the truth.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You can find Sir Black Dragon in Purple Bamboo Grove.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Sir Black Dragon:

What?! Evil Statue? So incredible! This chip looks like Light Charm. But I can feel evil from it. <Player name>, I never do evils! I will ask my apprentice Redcloud to go to Stone Pit with you.

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