Homesick Son
Vital statistics
Giver Tie Dan
Type Primary
Requirements Letter
Level 18
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 1885 Experience
942 Energy
5 Silver 85 Coin
Jackstraw Jackstraw

I am the son of the Blacksmith in Tiger Mountain. My father sent me to Cloud Mountain to be the apprentice. I heard the monsters in the Snake Cave are so fierce. I really want to have an insight into it. I haven't been home for long time, could you please deliver a mail to my father? He is at the Crow Forest of Tiger Mountain, which is at the south of Stone City. There is another scenario called Rattan Cave in Tiger Mountain, I heard the Aborigine Officer is seeking someone to explore the cave.

Tie Dan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Tie Dan, the son of Blacksmith, send a letter to his father.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thank you very much! This is the letter to my father.


Accomplish DialogueEdit


I really miss my son. Thank you for delivery the letter. My son seems going well in Cloud Mountain.

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