Hide and Seek
Vital statistics
Giver Bonnie
Type Primary
Requirements Bell Bell
Candied Hawthorn Candied Hawthorn
Pinwheel Pinwheel
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 3700 Experience
1850 Energy
5 Silver 70 Coin
Next: Find Bonnie's Sister

We are playing hide and seek, but the other three kids are good at hiding, so I cannot find them out... Would you please find them?


Quest Description Edit

For reference us this link

Please help Bonnie find three children who are playing hide and seek.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I am sure they are still hiding inside the village.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you found them?


Find the three hiding children in Beauty Village.

"Candied gourd is so delicious! I wanna more."
"Such a stingy guy! I don't wanna play with him. Please give the small bell back to him for me."
"The windmill is so funny. But I must give it back soon..."

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thanks! Here are your rewards.

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