Herald with No Eyebrow
Herald with No Eyebrow map
Vital statistics
Giver Sand Village Head
Type Primary
Requirements Herald Secret Letter Herald Secret Letter *8
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1520 Experience
760 Energy
4 Silver 80 Coin
Optional Rewards:
Bamboo Ring Bamboo Ring (+2 Mana)
Bamboo Ring Bamboo Ring (+1 HP)

Do you usually see some strange men wearing black clothes? I guess they have some businesses with the bandits. Is there some bigger evil force behind them? I hope you can go to have a check for me. Be aware of those men in black. They look furtive.

Sand Village Head

Quest DescriptionEdit

Punish the men wearing black around the Mounted Brigands' camp. and make clear who they are.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I think the men wearing black are not friendly. Give them a good reason.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is it? What do these men wearing black do?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

According to the letter ferreted out from them, they came from a evil junta named No-eyebrow Junta. Make clear of it when you have a chance.

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