Hell Snow Giant (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Wain Tao
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Fire Boar
Hell Snow Giant Soul Hell Snow Giant Soul *20
Level 41
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 18900 Experience
9450 Energy
56 Silver 70 Coin

Fire Boar used the spells in the valuable book. Make the Prentices from Justice Power become Hell Snow Giant. You have to kill the Hell Snow Giant and get the souls. Then you get into Fantasy Palace find the forge which guarded by Fire Boar. Put the souls into the Forge to set them free.

Wain Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Wain Tao kill Fire Boar and put Hell Snow Giant's soul to the forge.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

It's not an easy job. Go to find some friends with you.

Ask DialogueEdit


Go to Ice Prick Hill and gather 20 Hell Snow Giant souls prior to entering Fantasy Palace.

The quest turn-in is at the forge which is near the Fire Boar.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Take a break all warriors. Your souls will be released from purgatory.

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