Heart Broken Grass
Vital statistics
Giver Wu Wenqi
Type Primary
Requirements Heart Broken Grass Heart Broken Grass *10
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 1050 Experience
252 Energy
3 Silver 15 Coin
Defensive cuff based on class
Rosebush Cuff Rosebush Cuff
Next: The Morning Drew

Several sisters feel fatigued these days, nobody knows what they have eaten caused this. I want to collect some heart broken grass to make elixirs for them. However, the heart broken grass grows on teh body of thunder rattan and it is very difficult to get. I don't know whether you are willing to help me with them?

Wu Wenqi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Wu Wenqi to beat the Thunder Rattan at the foot of the mountain and collect heart broken grass.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hope you come back early, there are some other things I want you to do.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! We have got one of the materials to make the elixirs.

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