Happiness Hall
Vital statistics
Giver Fellow Liao Yi
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Zaton *1
Location Black Wind Camp Happiness Hall
Rewards 7800 Experience
3900 Energy
24 Silver
Defensive torso by class
Night Hawk Corslet Night Hawk Corslet
Sky Thunder Cuirass Sky Thunder Cuirass

Monk Zhi Tong is in the name of my master. If you can defeat Zhi Tong, I think this affair will be stopped.

Fellow Liao Yi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Monk Zhi Tong in Happiness Hall.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go through the secret path on one side of the mall hall and you will find the backyar. The entrance to Happiness Hall is over there.

Ask DialogueEdit

There are many monk soldiers around Happiness Hall. You'd better ask your companions to go with you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I can't believe <Player name> even defeated the Monk Zhi Tong. I should thank you on behalf of all the monks who are not willing to be involved in the combat.

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