Happiness Hall

Happiness Hall map

Entrance coordinates
(-344, -282)

The Black Wind Camp used to be a nice place to visit outside Stone City due to Monk Zhi Tong's good management. There were usually a lot of worshippers to go to pilgrimage. However, the monks kept doing some small tricks, hiding some women and killing some students from justical juntas in the dark. One day, Zhou Yuncong and other examinees went to pilgrimage out of the respect for the fame. They came to the temple to pilgrimage and found the trap in the adytum. As a result, they were all captured by Monk Zhi Tong. After killing more than ten examinees, Monk Zhi Tong felt tired, so he put Zhou Yuncong in the prison in a rock room and asked him to commit suicide within three days. Zhou escaped from the temple by taking advantage of heavy rain, and was helped by old man Zhang and his daughter. Then, people began to know the secrets of Mercy Temple. This time, the immortals will fight with evil monks in Mercy Temple. Monk Zhi Tong asked many coagents to hide among these monks. So, there will be some frustration if these immortals want to perish the evil juntas totally. You can go to Happiness Hall through the secretly path located at one side of the main hall of Black Wind Camp.

Elite Axe Monk Soldier


Name Level
Locked Up Examinee


Green Robe Master
Area Monster Name Level
Dungeon Elite Bandits 25
Elite Evil Monk 26
Monk Mao Tai 26
Loong Fei 25
Visitor Room Elite Play Boy 26
Elite Blackshirt Bandit 27
Fa Yuan 27
Cella Elite Lechers 27
Elite Callet 28
Monk Zhi Tong (aka: Zaton) 28
Callet Head Young 27
Subway Elite Black Leopard 28
Elite Fatal Centipede 29
Green Robe Master (boss) 29
Main Hall Elite Black Wind Camp Monk Soldier 29
Elite Sturdy Monk Soldiers 30
Buddhist Monk Purple Moon 30

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