Green Spring Gully Crisis
Vital statistics
Giver Ruo Lan
Type Repeatable
Requirements Kill Peach Monster *15
Kill Peach Spirit *15
Kill Polluted Peach Tree *15
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 1010 Experience
1684 Energy
2 Silver 7 Coin

Green Spring Gully was occupied by the Peach Monsters. Because they polluted the water resources, the villagers can't get water from the stream. Would you please perish the Peach Monsters there?

Ruo Lan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Ruo Lan to perish the Peach Monster nearby Green Spring Gully.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Peach Monsters are tough to beat down. You take care.

Ask DialogueEdit

It's ok if you can't beat them down. Don't get yourself dead.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Hahahah... We don't have to be afraid of those Peach Monsters.

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