Green Robe Master
Vital statistics
Giver Fellow Liao Yi
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Green Robe Master *1
Location Black Wind Camp Happiness Hall
Rewards 8000 Experience
4000 Energy
24 Silver
Assist Talisman by class
Trap Meshwork Trap Meshwork
Dragon Roc Dragon Roc

The Green Robe Master is having rest after being injured. He hides in Happiness Hall's cuniculus. He doesn't want anyone to see him. I want to perish him by taking this chance.

Fellow Liao Yi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Green Robe Master in Happiness Hall

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Green Robe master hides in the cuniculus which is near the main hall of Happiness Hall.

Ask DialogueEdit

Green Robe master has a big head. He likes eating human's heart. He will become a huge disaster if he is not perished.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Well done, <Player name>. Although Green Robe master's soul is still there. But he can't recover in many years.

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