Great War in Poison Dragon Puddle
Vital statistics
Giver Peach Headstream Village officer
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Dank Poison Fly *10
Kill Poison Dragon Underling *10
Kill Poison Dragon General
Level 36
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 22950 Experience
11475 Energy
70 Silver 20 Coin

Poison Dragon General was a guardian from responsible for Ganodema in the back mountain of Golden Peak Mountain, and absorbed a little supernatural during the years with Ganodema. Thousands of years ago, he secretly gave the Ganodema to Blood Master for protection when Blood Master attacked Green Scarp. Poison Dragon General has been staying in Laurel Mountain claiming himself as a leader for years since Blood Master was beaten. <Player name>, you must break Poison Dragon Vitals to kill him.

Peach Headstream Village officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Please help Peach Headstream Village officer to eliminate the Poison Dragon General hidden in the Laurel Mountain Laurel Wonderland.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The poison Dragon Vitals is guarded by Ochu Faerie , you must take care.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you finished it yet?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good, our Laurel Mountain can return to peace.

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