Go to See the Doctor
Vital statistics
Giver Zhu Wen
Type Primary
Requirements Letter Letter
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 2100 Experience
1050 Energy
6 Silver 30 Coin
Previous: A Child Prodigy of Three Generations‎
Next: Enemies Get into Laurel Room

My wound is deteriorating again. I can't even walk slightly. Could you help me to visit Ruo Lan in the Laurel Room and ask her to cure me? I have a letter for you to give her when you meet.

Zhu Wen

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhu Wen to find Ruo Lan and give her the letter.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Sorry to trouble you, please go there at once.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Ruo Lan:

All right! I assure that I will cure him.

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