Go Down of the Mountain (2)
Vital statistics
Giver Nun Su Yin
Type Primary
Requirements Letter Letter
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 800 Experience
400 Energy
2 Silver 40 Coin
Previous: The Test of Fairy

I have a letter for you to send to a Anchoret in teh Sand Village down the mountain. If he ask who give you the letter, don't tell him. Since there are some misunderstanding between us, I'm afraid he won't accept it if he knows that. Well, no more talking, go and help me to send the letter.

Nun Su Yin

Quest DescriptionEdit

To practice down the mountain. Go to find a Anchoret in the Sand Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Remember what I have said, please!


Accomplish DialogueEdit


Oh...Here goes it. What happened to Nun Su Ying and I before is a misunderstanding... Thank you, I would be still blaming Nun Su Ying without this letter.

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