Go Down of the Mountain
Vital statistics
Giver Iron Arms Lee
Type Primary
Requirements Letter Letter
Level 5
Location Green Scarp
Rewards 1120 Experience
560 Energy
3 Silver 36 Coin
Fireworks (Red) Fireworks (Red)
Talismans based on class
Golden Wish Wheel Golden Wish Wheel
Buddha Smile Pearl Buddha Smile Pearl
Blue Field Chain Simitar Blue Field Chain Simitar
Blue Steel Dagger Blue Steel Dagger
Previous: The Test of Green Scarp

One of my old friends is living in the Sky Village down the mountain. I haven't visited him for a long time. Could you do me a favor? Please bring him my letter and tell him that I miss him so much.

Iron Arms Lee

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go down of the mountain to practice and visit the villager that Iron Arms Lee knew before in Sky Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Don't lose this letter. Just go!


Accomplish DialogueEdit


It is Iron Arms Lee that asked you to visit me? It seems that you are so good.

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