Go Astray
Go Astray map
Vital statistics
Giver Celestial Tao
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Fire Tao
Kill Friar's Lantern *6
Location Sand Village
Rewards Experience
840 Energy
5 Silver 28 Coin
Previous: Strange Wildfire

Fire Tao used to be the classmate of the Evil Tao Beard in Tiger Mountain Rattan Cave. Originally, he wasn't very felonious. But he listened to Evil Tao Beard's description of the Talisman, and practiced evil witchcraft. At last he became monster and couldn't come back. Our purpose this time is to kill the Fire Tao. Let him falls into the metempsychosis to practice for his crime.

Celestial Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the head of the No-eyebrow Junta, Fire Tao.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This day in the next year is the Fire Tao's festa-day.

Ask DialogueEdit

The Fire Tao has fearful witchcraft. You should be more careful. I think it will be safer if you ask more warriors to go with you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

From now on, the No-eyebrow Junta disappears totally...

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