Ghost Touch Flower (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Sir Black Dragon
Type Primary
Requirements Ghost Touch Incense Ghost Touch Incense
Location Thunder Ridge
Rewards 4600 Experience
2300 Energy
6 Silver 90 Coin
Previous: Defend Ghost Soldier
Next: Blade Soul (quest)

Have you ever heard of Ghost Touch Flower? Please pick one and get one Crystal Stone. Then put both of them to the Drug Stove to make Ghost Touch Incense.

Sir Black Dragon

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect Ghost Touch Flower and Crystal Stone. Then use them to refine Ghost Touch Incense. And give the Ghost Touch Incense to Sir Black Dragon.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Please take care.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you found them?


Collect 1-35* of the Ghost Touch Flower Ghost Touch Flowers from the Hell Flowers in Thunder Ridge.

Collect 1-35* of the Crystal Stone Crystal Stones from the Dark Crystals in the Villa Ruins.

Bring them back to the Drug Stove located next to Sir Black Dragon's pavilion in Purple Bamboo Grove Line.

Accomplish DialogueEdit



  • The number of items needed to complete this quest seems to be random, with reports of as few as 4 or as many as 31.

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