Get Secret Golden Drug
Vital statistics
Giver Soul of Wizard Liyu
Type Primary
Requirements Secret Golden Drug Secret Golden Drug *15
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 10250 Experience
5125 Energy
15 Silver 75 Coin
Previous: Appearance of Chief
Next: Nature of Ice Fox Lady
Turn the Corner

Ice Fox Lady is so cautious and cunning. She has set several traps for us from Seven Sword Tomb to Purple Crystal Ball. I found that these Purple Crystal Ball has some relationship with the plants around. So I think that Hunter Qiu's father will be cured if we can destroy the Purple Crystal Ball. <Player name>, you are expected to do that.

Soul of Wizard Liyu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Destroy the Purple Crystal Ball set by Ice Fox Lady and get the Secret Golden Drug instide.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Ice Fox Lady values these Purple Crystal Balls very much, so please take care!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you got it?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good job!

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