Fortune Pond
Vital statistics
Giver Red Flower Grandma Split Body
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Pangolin *34
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 7650 Experience
3825 Energy
23 Silver 46 Coin
Previous: The Way to the Immortal Pool

How hateful... The troublesome pangolins appear after we have wiped out those disgusting crocodiles. Their skins are very hard, so they are not vulnerable. You have to take care.

Red Flower Grandma Split Body

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Red Flower Grandma to wipe out the pangolins that stopped her.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Although the pangolins can't stop us, I am worried that you have lost too much strength.

Ask DialogueEdit

How is it going on? Have you wiped out all the pangolins?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

This is a hard trip. It seems that Fly Dragon Nun has got some preparation. We must be more careful during the following trips.

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