Flying Centipede (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver White Cloud Master
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Flying Centipede *20
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 3720 Experience
1860 Energy
11 Silver 16 Coin
Defensive cuff by class
Redbud Cuff Redbud Cuff
Purple Crystal Cuff Purple Crystal Cuff
Previous: Avoid the Evil in the Nunnery
Next: The Prayer Beads

<Player name>, I found the aberrance came from the Snake Cave in the Cloud Mountain. We have to rely on Master Can's celestial centipede. The master went to wander a few days ago. The boy who is guarding the centipede let it run. It ran onto the Centipede Mountain and the Guarding Boy now is chasing by the Flying Centipedes. Go to perish the flying centipede immediately.

White Cloud Master

Quest DescriptionEdit

Kill the Flying Centipedes on the Centipede Mountain to help the Followers of Master Can.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Centipede Mountain is at Southeast of here.

Ask DialogueEdit

Follower of Master Can

Go ahead! We will have a big trouble if we can get the Immortal Centipede.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Follower of Master Can

Ah! White Cloud Master asked you to help us? Thank you. I can have a rest now.

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