Fire Squamae
Vital statistics
Giver Red Flower Grandma Split Body
Type Primary
Requirements Monsters Squama Monsters Squama *20
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 9200 Experience
4600 Energy
27 Silver 60 Coin
Previous: Fire Rock Cave
Next: The Nirvana

You must be tired after such a hard trip. Fly Dragon Nun and Golden Camel are hiding in the Alchemical Room now. I hope you can help me to collect some fire squamae before we fight against them... You can find them on the body of pangolins and crocodiles.

Red Flower Grandma Split Body

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Red Flower Grandma to collect some fire squamae.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those crocodiles and pangolins won't cooperate with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

It seems that the fire squamae you collect is not enough. Haven't you seen the crocodiles and pangolins?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

These fire squamae are great materials to make protective vest. Thank you for collecting so much for me.

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