Fire Rock Cave
Vital statistics
Giver Red Flower Grandma Split Body
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Fire Stone Monster *36
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 8280 Experience
4140 Energy
24 Silver 84 Coin
Previous: The Way to the Immortal Pool
Next: Fire Squamae

Fly Dragon Nun is hiding in the Alchemical Room in the depth of the Fire Rock Cave doing some strange research. My body was bound there by her. If you want to get into the Alchemical Room, you must first beat the fire stone monsters guarding around the Fire Rock Cave.

Red Flower Grandma Split Body

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Red Flower Grandma to wipe out the fire stone monsters in the Fire Rock Cave.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those fire stone monsters have absorbed the heat of the underground magma for a long time, so they are very strong.

Ask DialogueEdit

Those fire stone monsters are not easy to deal with, aren't they? You should be careful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The fire stone monsters were killed by you, but we don't know what difficulty we will meet in the future.

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