Find Bonnie's Sister
Vital statistics
Giver Bonnie
Type Primary
Requirements Use: Fireworks Fireworks *1
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 4440 Experience
2220 Energy
6 Silver 84 Coin
Previous: Hide and Seek

My sister goes to the northern mountain to feed silkworm each afternoon. These kind of silkworm only spit silk in darkness, so my sister must work in darkness every day... I hope you can go find her.


Quest DescriptionEdit

Please call Bonnie's sister back.

Acceptance DialogueEdit


Ask DialogueEdit

Have you found my sister?


Go to the mouth of the cave and use the Fireworks.

Sophie: "What attractive fireworks! It's so dark here, I am scared..."
Sophie: "Your younger sister asked you to visit me? It's late now, you'd better go back home."

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Hehe, here's your reward.

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