Fight against Pink Butterfly
Vital statistics
Giver Zhou Chun
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Gangster Zhang
Kill Cortege Cat Burglar *20
Location Stone City
Rewards 5100 Experience
2550 Energy
15 Silver 30 Coin
Previous: Clean Leud Temple

A group of cat burglar appeared in Stone City. They commit all manners of crimes. I should have gone to perish them, but there are too many strange affairs happened in the city so that I couldn't do it. <Player name>, I think you have good bones and muscles. You can take this task. I have done a clear research that their header Gangster Ahang his in Gangster Alley in Stone City. The cat burglar goups will fall down if you beat him down.

Zhou Chun

Quest DescriptionEdit

Zhou Chun asks the you to beat down Gangster Zhang who is doing wrong in Gangster Alley in Stone City.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Perish his heelers together!

Ask DialogueEdit

Gangster Zhang has lots of attendants. Be careful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, you have done very well. There are also other affairs for you to help. The one who is cultivating need patience.

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