Favorable Turn
Favorable Turn map
Vital statistics
Giver Lady Zexan
Type Primary
Requirements Happy Powder Happy Powder *1
Use: Happy Powder
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 7600 Experience
3800 Energy
11 Silver 40 Coin
Previous: Cure the Symptoms
Next: History of Happy Powder

I've heard that Childe Tangz has Happy Powder which can cure my father. But as a unmarried girl, I cannot meet a stranger, so would you please go there for me? Thanks a lot!

Lady Zexan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to get Happy Powder from Childe Tangz

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thank you for your kindness!

Ask DialogueEdit

Does this medicine help?


Find Childe Tangz in Fir Woods and purchase some Happy Powder. Bring it back to Elder Qiu.

Elder Qiu: "What's this medicine? I feel much better after taking it."

Accomplish DialogueEdit

My father feels much better now. Good medicine!

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