Fantasy Palace

Fantasy Palace map

Entrance coordinates
(-1206, -1997)

Whorl Mountain is located in the middle of the remote Snow Mountain. Some big demons gathered here and built the Fantasy Palace under the leadership of Huang Xiao. Besides that, the are doing many bad things in the near villages around Whorl Mountain, such as robbery of money, killing innocent people... You name it. These atrocious crimes caused strong protest among the righteous juntas. They are gathering here from different places these days and planning to lay siege to the Fantasy Palace together.


Area Monster Name Level
Frost Zone Cruel Snow Beast 42
Mace Snow Giant 43
Ice Banshee 43
Virulent Zone Giant Spider 43
Giant Bat 44
Virulent Spider 44
Purgatory Zone Demon Soldier 44
Fire Rock Giant 45
Fire Boar 45
Inner Hall Fantasy Escort 45
Fantasy Guard 45
Evil Blade 46

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