Fancy Fox
Vital statistics
Type Mount
Prepare Time 1 second
Move Speed +20%
Acquire In Game Shop, Trading
Cost to buy 369 T-Points
Icon Fancy Fox
Fancy Fox is a mount that can be upgraded by Combining. Combine upgrades +0 to +6 can be used in anywhere except caves. Upgraded to +7 and above it can be used anywhere.

Using this item summons a Fancy Fox to ride and increases the move speed of your character.

Combine appearanceEdit

Plus rank Bonus Appearance
+0 to +3

+0 - +20% move speed

+1 - +30% move speed

+2 - +40% move speed

+3 - +50% move speed

+4 to +6

+4 - +60% move speed

+5 - +70% move speed

+6 - +80% move speed

Fancy Fox 4
+7 to +9

+7 - +90% move speed

+8 - +100% move speed

+9 - +110% move speed



  • Introduced into the In Game Shop during Patch Release (v1626to1644) March 2, 2010 9:41:00 PM.

See alsoEdit

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