Fairy Prentice
Vital statistics
Giver Fairy Prentice
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Water Eidolon Major
Kill Grime Faerie Major
Level 20
Location Green Scarp
Rewards 6400 Experience
3200 Energy
19 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Oral Message from Ascetic Fuhu‎
Next: Repent and Be Saved

Master Youtan has been dead for long time. But she worried about the fairy prentice. Fairy prentice get hurt by Blood Master, and she is healing herself in the Tide Cave. Please bring my cimella there to heal her

Fairy Prentice

Quest DescriptionEdit

Get the cimella from the Fairy Prentice, enter the Tide Cave exterminate the evil force inside. Then go to Flowers Mountain to find Nun Su Yin.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We don't have enough time. Be quick. It all depends on you now.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Nun Yu Sin:

It seems Fairy Prentice get recovered. I may have some other stuff to ask for your help later.

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