Extract Kernel of Fire
Vital statistics
Giver Lady Cristina
Type Primary
Requirements Use Fire Collecting Spell Fire Collecting Spell
Location Stone City
Rewards 2000 Experience
Previous: Collect Bit of Water Kernel
Next: Reappearance of Buddha Lotus

Once upon a time, Kernel of Fire was lost near the Black Campo. Later a Giant Leopard was found around that place. I am sure it had absorbed the power of Kernel of Fire. It's said that this leopard is dead, but we still fail to find the Kernel of Fire, could you please try your best to find them out?

Lady Cristina

Quest DescriptionEdit

Know the whereabouts of Kernel of Fire from Lady Cristina, then go to East Suburb of Sky Village to look for the skeleton of the Giant Leopard and extract the Kernel of Fire with the Fire Collecting Spells give by Lady Cristina.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thank you. This is Fire Collecting Spell. When you find the Skeleton of the Giant Leopard, please use this spell beside it. If you succeeded to absorb the Kernel of Fire, you could take it back.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you found that?


When you get to the shadows on the ground go into invintory and use spell to collect you might have to move around a bit before it will let you cast it

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Very good! Just keep it.

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