Explore the Darkness Valley Forest
Vital statistics
Giver Lu Xiao
Type Primary
Requirements Small Tree Spirit Debris Small Tree Spirit Debris *5
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 600 Experience
300 Energy
1 Silver 80 Coin
Healing Potion Healing Potion (lvl 1)
Next: Expel the Aberrance Wolfman

Hello, <Player name>! Welcome to join Tamer. The news of your coming has spread in the Darkness Valley. The Tamer was founded by Tamer Tao Huang. He likes to be close to the birds and beasts, so many birds and beasts gather together in the Darkness Valley. People can see many of them moving freely on the avenue leads to the Darkness Valley. However, the tree spirit in the forest become irritable these days. It seems that they are threatened by something. Could you help me to have a check?

Lu Xiao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Lu Xiao to explore the situation of the Little Tree Sprite at the left of the Valley Forest and bring back some Small Tree Spirit Debris of the Tree Sprite.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go toward the forest from here. THe little tree spirit live in the forest.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It seems that the little tree spirits are really threatened by some evil power. So their temper was changed.

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