Expel the Aberrance Wolfman
Vital statistics
Giver Lu Jin
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Aberrance Wolfman *10
Location Darkness Valley
Rewards 700 Experience
350 Energy
2 Silver 10 Coin
Hill Finch Cuff Hill Finch Cuff
Previous: Explore the Darkness Valley Forest

Concluded from the Small Tree Spirit Debris that Lu Xiao sent to me, they are polluted by the cruel beasts. I want you to go to the forest again to wipe out the Aberrance Wolfman who does a lot recently. I'm sure it is them that affected the little tree spirit. We have to give a lesson to these Aberrance Wolfman.

Lu Jin

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Lu Jin to expel the Aberrance Wolfman near the forest.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful!

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

There would be less hurt to the tree spirit after we have beaten the Aberrance Wolfman.

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