Evil Tao He (quest)
Evil Tao He (quest) map
Vital statistics
Giver Aborigine Officer
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Sturdy Aborigine *2
Kill Evil Tao He
Level 12
Location Crow Forest
Rewards 2500 Experience
1250 Energy
7 Silver 80 Coin
Defensive cuff by class
Redbud Cuff Redbud Cuff
Purple Crystal Cuff Purple Crystal Cuff
Previous: Consigned by the Presbyter

Though strangers may think the village is peaceful and mild, there actually is a Evil Taoist who is watching us all the time. He is called Evil Tao He, who and whose master wants to occupy our place. However, the Taoist has strong supernatural power, so I have to secretly request you to do it. You must keep this secret.

Aborigine Officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish Evil Tao He who is hiding in the Crow Forest for the aborigines' presbyter.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

He isn't easy to deal with. You'd better ask more friends to go with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

You won't forget what I requested you to do, right?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha... I finally get rid of this evil. Thank you very much!

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