Evil Poison Mushroom
Vital statistics
Giver Polluted Mushroom
Type Repeatable
Requirements Kill Dicephalous Snake
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 3360 Experience
1680 Energy
10 Silver 8 Coin
Green Identify Gem Green Identify Gem
Small Ruby Small Ruby
Previous: Perish the Poison Mushroom

I have made clean that all of these are caused by the polluted poison mushroom. I knew the reason through the spores from my companions who are cruelly killed. Now it's time for us to revenge for them. [Character name], please help us!

Polluted Mushroom

Quest DescriptionEdit

The pollution is caused by the polluted poison mushroom. It is near the swag in the cave at north east of here. Please help me perish it.

Acceptance DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! The cave can restore what it used to be after you perish it.

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