Enemies Get into Laurel Room
Vital statistics
Giver Ruo Lan
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Machine Monster *32
Level 30
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 6720 Experience
3360 Energy
20 Silver 16 Coin
Previous: Go to See the Doctor
Next: Machine Monsters

Recently, the Laurel Room usually be attacked by some strange machine monsters and this scares me. We will get into trouble if they come in when I am treating your friend.

Ruo Lan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Ruo Lan to wipe out the Machine Monsters appear in the Laurel Room.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thanks a lot! They are just nearby.

Ask DialogueEdit

There seems some other machine monsters are making trouble, you'd better be quick.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

That's great! Now we should be safe.

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