Elite Snake Head (quest)
Elite Snake Head map
Vital statistics
Giver Doctor of the Camp
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Snake Head *30
Level 12
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 4860 Experience
2430 Energy
15 Silver 12 Coin
Defensive boots by class
Redbud Boots Redbud Boots
Purple Crystal Boots Purple Crystal Boots
Previous: Weaken the Snake Captor
Next: Snake Bandit General (quest)

Since we have found their Elite Snake Head, we should perish them in one time and get our village back to rebuild it.

Doctor of the Camp

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Elite Snake Head is in the Cloud Mountain. Let's go to destroy them!

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This battle is very important. We can get our village back only after we perish the Elite Snake Head of the Snake Monsters.

Ask DialogueEdit

Be careful of the Elite Snake Head.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The Elite Snake Head are perished. <Player name>, thanks very much. Here is your reward.

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