Eighth Auntie's Token
Vital statistics
Giver Soul of Eighth Auntie
Type Primary
Location Snow Village
Rewards 2550 Experience
1275 Energy
7 Silver 80 Coin
Next: Demon Soldier (quest)

A young man whose surname called Xu Yue is waiting for you in front. Since he has never seen you before, he maybe mistake you for the underling of. So you can take this token which can show who you are. Just go! He is waiting for you on the way to the mountain.

Soul of Eighth Auntie

Quest DescriptionEdit

Hand Eighth Auntie's token to Xu Yue to show who you are.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Go immediately, brother Xu has left for there for some time.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

A... I have waited for a long time.

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