Do Wrong
Do Wrong map
Vital statistics
Giver Zhang Yaoqing
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Jin Guangding
Level 20
Location Stone City
Rewards 3300 Experience
1650 Energy
10 Silver 20 Coin

I went back stealthily to the village to have a look. The header of the bandits is a man called Jing Guang-ding. He can use witchcraft. So those bandits all listen t[sic] what he says. The aberrance around here is also caused by him. We must beat him down if we want to drive those bandits away. <Player name>, can you help us?

Zhang Yaoqing

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beat down Jing Guang-ding who do wrong in Mushroom Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Jing Guang-ding usually moves about in the square of the village. Now we rely on <Player name> to perish him.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you find that Jing Guang-ding?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Great! Our village will be peaceful again.

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