Distrustful Big Fellow
Vital statistics
Giver Chase Geezer
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Phony Muscle-man Wei
Location Stone City
Rewards 3500 Experience
1750 Energy
10 Silver 80 Coin
Defensive Kneepad based on class
Cherry Kneepad Cherry Kneepad
Previous: Chase Geezer (quest)

I heard that Muscle-man Wei, my student Zhou Chun's good friend, is robbing the passers-by at the west suburb of Stone City. I think there must be some strange things in it. Although Muscle-man Wei is crude, he is not a bad man. Maybe someone do wrong in his name. Please go to see if there is someone use his name. Go to find Muscle-man Wei after finish this task. The evil monks from Mercy Temple are ready to do something. You can go with him to explore the situation.

Chase Geezer

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Chase Geezer heard that there was someone who cheats people in the name of Muscle-man Wei, who was Zhou Chun's good friend. Please go to do a examination and tell Muscle-man Wei about it.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Muscle-man Wei often does his practice in the woods outside the west suburb of Stone City. You can go there to find him.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Muscle-man Wei:

The Chase Geezer asked you to come here? You also beat down the one who uses my name. Thanks. That guy always used my name to do wrong everywhere, and I couldn't find him. Now I finally went my anger.

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