Different Identities
Different Identities map
Vital statistics
Giver White Cloud Master
Type Scenario
Requirements Scout's Information Scout's Information
Spy's Information Spy's Information
Survivor's Information Survivor's Information
Caravan Seal Caravan Seal
Location Bamboo Valley
Rewards Defensive torso by class
Redbud Dress Redbud Dress
Purple Crystal Cuirass Purple Crystal Cuirass

I have a favor to ask you when you go for battle in Bamboo Valley. Some fellow people are there too as well. Please find them and secure their safety in case unnecessary injury happens.

White Cloud Master

Quest DescriptionEdit

Find four people with different identities in Bamboo Valley for White Cloud Master.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thanks for your help. I am right here waiting for your good news.


Once you obtain the quest from White Cloud Master, you talk to her again and Enter Bamboo Valley.

The locations of the four NPCs related to this quest is listed below.

  1. Scout's Information from Scout of Cloud Mountain at (667,144).
  2. Spy's Information from Monk Huian at (546,95).
  3. Survivor's Letter from Caravan Survivor at (567,220).
  4. Caravan Seal from Caravan Captain at (715,217).

After you acquired all of them, go back to White Cloud Master to finish the quest.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Although they can't retreat fully, it's just their different fates.

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