Demon of Sanskrit Sound (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Soul of Eighth Auntie
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Demon of Sanskrit Sound
Kill Evil Monk Guard *15
Location Snow Village
Rewards 17850 Experience
8925 Energy
54 Silver 60 Coin
Talisman by class
Dark Jade Bow Dark Jade Bow
Demon Ruin Chain Simitar Demon Ruin Chain Simitar
Purple Lightning Sword Purple Lightning Sword
Previous: Uproot the Evildoers

Now the head of Far Temple has been replaced by an evil monk called Demon of Sanskrit Sound. I heard several years before that he is a cruel man and also difficult to deal with. But you must try to kill him no matter how difficult it is, or the friends all over the world I called out will be in great trouble.

Soul of Eighth Auntie

Quest DescriptionEdit

Assemble the companions to Far Temple to kill the Demon of Sanskrit Sound.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You'd better call out more companions to go with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

You'd better be careful. Don't be overhasty.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You killed him. I don't think the heathenry will let you go. It would be better for you to go with us to wip out the rebel faction on the mountain.

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