Demon Soldier Claw (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Xu Yue
Type Primary
Requirements Demon Soldier Claw Demon Soldier Claw *20
Level 39
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 10400 Experience
5200 Energy
31 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Demon Soldier (quest)
Next: Seeking Silver Cicada

<Player name>, thank you for helping me cast off those Demon Soldiers. I heard about those Demon Soldiers were normal villagers. They become Demon Soldiers after they were caught by the evil force. Could you please help me collect some Claws of them to identify what kind of monsters they are.

Xu Yue

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Xu Yue to collect some Demon Soldier Claws.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You'd better take care. Their claws are sharp.

Ask DialogueEdit

How come you back so fast? Did you get enough Demon Soldier Claws?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you for collecting all these claws for me. Obviously they are extremely sharp. What kind of monsters are they...

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