Demon Soldier (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Xu Yue
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Claw Beast *40
Level 39
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 10400 Experience
5200 Energy
31 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Eighth Auntie's Token
Next: Demon Soldier Claw (quest)

KeKe.. (Xue Yue coughed seems he is heavily wounded) <Player name>, Silver Circada and me I wait here to fight against the evil power. Because of curiosity, I plan go to Whorl Mountain to scout the situation. But I didn't expect the Demon Soldiers ambuscaded us. Although I come out from the surround, I was heavy wounded. Since Eighth Auntie send you here, could you please help me exterminate the Demon Soldiers there?

Xu Yue

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to Whorl Mountain to help Xu Yue exterminate the Demon Solders ambuscaded there.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Since you present Eight Auntie, I hope you can finish this quest.

Ask DialogueEdit

Those Demon Soldiers always wending around Whorl Mountain col. You'd better take care.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good Job, <Player name>! You exterminate the Demon Soldiers. They are the huge obstacle on our way to Whorl Mountain.

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