Defeated Mounted Brigands
Defeated Mounted Brigands map
Vital statistics
Giver Sand Village Head
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Elite Mounted Brigand *14
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1330 Experience
665 Energy
4 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Hunting the Brigand Head

The Mounted Brigands gathered together to plan to slaughter our village. Lots of villagers died outside the village. Please destroy them totally.

Sand Village Head

Quest DescriptionEdit

The remnants of the Mounted Brigands gathered together, and they are conspiring to bob up like a cork. We must exterminate them before they have any action.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Revenge for the dead villagers.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go ahead! Revenge for the dead villagers.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

We will bury those villagers who died for the peace of our village, and thank you for doing so many things for us. Thanks very much!

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