Decompose is a Living skill players can learn from Ascetic Fuhu that allows the decomposition que pode encontra em green scarp no fundo da terrada de ooo of items into crystal that is used to make magicstones. The color of the crystal is determined by the color of the item that is decomposed. Green items provide Green Crystals, blue items provide Blue Crystals, and gold items provide Gold Crystals.

Level Level of item Character Level
1 1 - 10 1
2 11 - 20 10
3 21 - 30 20
4 31 - 40 30
5 41 - 50 40
6 51 - 60 50
7 61 - 70 60

To use the decompose skill, open your inventory (I), right click your mouse on the decompose icon, and left click on the item you wish to decompose. The resulting crystal will appear in your inventory.

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