Dark Grass
Vital statistics
Giver Ruo Lan
Type Primary
Requirements Black Wind Grass Black Wind Grass *25
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 5750 Experience
2875 Energy
17 Silver 25 Coin

Dark Grass grows in the Grass Pool in the Fortune Pond. You must collect enough Dark Grass to cure Zhu Wen. Sorry to trouble you again.

Ruo Lan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Ruo Lan to collect some Dark Grass.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Although most of the monsters have been killed, there still left some. Be careful when you pick the herbs.

Ask DialogueEdit

These dark grass are not enough. I need much more. So you have to go there again to collect more.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

That's great! Now we have enough dark grass. Your friend can be cured thoroughly.

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