Cure the Symptoms
Cure the Symptoms map
Vital statistics
Giver Elder Dong
Type Primary
Requirements Cold Fragrant Pill Cold Fragrant Pill
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 3700 Experience
1850 Energy
5 Silver 70 Coin
Previous: Strange Scorpion in Woods
Next: Favorable Turn

I've made a Cold Fragrant Pill from the materials you'd collected. Please give it to Qui Zhixian. But it can only cure symptoms. To cure the roots, you'd better go to Beauty Village to visit a man named Childe Tangz.

Elder Dong

Quest DescriptionEdit

Give Qiu Zhixian the medicine made by Elder Dong.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I've never seen such a strange disease before!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Lady Zexan:

I will try my best to find him!

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