Cruel Guard
Vital statistics
Giver Locked Up Examinee
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Monk Mao Tai
Level 22
Location Black Wind Camp Happiness Hall
Rewards 5550 Experience
2775 Energy
17 Silver 10 Coin
Advanced Energy Stone Advanced Energy Stone

Although the chain is released, but Monk Mao Tai is still guarding outside the prison. I am very weak. I can't run out of here if he is here. Can you help me to perish Mao Tai?

Locked Up Examinee

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Monk Mao Tai who guards Happiness Hall.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Mao Tai has high gest. Don't be hurt by him.

Ask DialogueEdit

I am waiting for you good news.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I have no good thing for you. I can just repay your obligation in my future life

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