Crisis in the Swamp
Vital statistics
Giver Chamber of Commerce Boss
Type Primary
Requirements Condor Claw Condor Claw *20
Location Snow Village
Rewards 9400 Experience
4700 Energy
28 Silver 80 Coin
Previous: Latent Crisis
Next: The Bald Vulture Head
Most Urgent

One counterjumper of our camp was attacked suddenly by the Read Head Vulture when he was working. They pecked the flesh on his body madly. Although we tried our best to drive them after we find that, we failed to save him. Those Red Head Vulture are too rampant to tolerate. We must revenge our dead brother.

Chamber of Commerce Boss

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Boos of the Trade Caravan Camp become more scared, because the dead bodies of Rotten-Eat Crocodile have attracted even more Red Head Vulture. The boss hope you can kill all the Red Head Vulture around the camp.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

We leave this to you. You are expected to cut the claws of the Red Head Vulture to sacrifice our brother.

Ask DialogueEdit

Is everything going on smoothly? You must take care of yourself.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It is such a pleasing thing to see the bloody claws.

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